Re-size web GUI

you know how the GUI display auto-adjusts to what you’re putting on the canvas? (if you drag something to near the edge of the canvas, the whole display auto-zooms out to fit more)

is there a way to re-set it to the original base size?

i.e. i’ve made a big, complicated pedalboard and the GUI has auto-zoomed out, but i’ve now removed a bunch of plugins (such that it would all fit in the default GUI size). it doesn’t auto-adjust BACK, but i’d like to return the display to normal sizing so things aren’t so small.

any hints?

Hello @plutek,

what happens if you zoom in on a particular plugin ( if you hover over a plugin and click), and shortly after that double click with your left mouse button on the canvas to zoom out?

Hope that helps…

Greetings and God bless, Marius

thanks, marius… but no. :frowning:
as usual, one double-click on the canvas zooms out one level, and then another double click on the canvas gets back to the same, extended, full canvas as before.

Hello @plutek,

I see. I investigated more using safari on macOS.
I built a pedalboard with space for a matrix of approx 6 by 8 plugins, deleted them all and reconnected the remaining stereo gain plugin, which was a pain fiddling jacks.
I assume the canvas to be redrawn when the mod duo , in your case the mod duo X reboots.

Sorry, I am just guessing here and that my suggestion failed (without investigating on my part).

Greetings and God bless, Marius

Does the button to zoom out not work for this? Or not granular enough?

hey, @mj_prod… thanks for your help… no worries! :slight_smile:
this is on my Duo, using firefox on manjaro linux. i just tried rebooting the MOD, and that didn’t work either.

oh well…

hey @unbracketed… nope, the zoom out button only zooms out to the previous auto-resized level, with lots of blank space on the canvas and smaller-sized plugins than the default.

i also just re-started the browser and cleared the cache… no effect.