Recording on device

Hey everyone,

I’m new to the mod platform but I’m an embedded/kernel developer so happy to dive in at all levels. I’d really like to be able to record on the device itself, ie just generate/export a wav file, it doesn’t necessarily need to be stored on the device after power off.

I’ve spoken to support and they said it’s not currently possible but someone is working on it, so I’d like to know where I’d need to start looking to implement such a feature.

If you only want to record audio from inside the unit, you can ssh into it and run jack_capture (root:mod credentials)
playing it back again can be done with sndfile-jackplay.
(none of these integrate with the rest of the system or gui though)

There are some recording related plugins (some in the “beta” section too), but they do not preserve state.
We plan to support saving non-parameter state in a later software update

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oh ok, cool. I’ll take a look at jack_capture. Is there anyway to integrate this into the rest of the system i.e. has someone just not done it or is the system not designed to work in that way?

Do you have a link to any of the plugins you mention? my searches aren’t finding anything.

Maybe the looper plugins can be considered as recording ?