Release 1.0.1 (Release Candidate #2)

Hello everyone, yet another update is here - v1.0.1 aka “Share! Share! Share!”.

This is a small but important bugfix release.
If you’re running 1.0.0 please update as soon as possible.

As the 1.0.0 release had 1 more week testing before being considered stable, and this is a bugfix release, we’ll keep the remaining 1 week as testing period.

The most important changes are regarding loading of remote pedalboards and screenshot generation.
Loading a pedalboard from will now install or update plugins as needed.
And when saving a pedalboard, a screenshot will now be always generated.
We also increased the timeout allowed for the screenshots, so if you wait for it, it will definitely appear.

The web interface should now show the ‘blocked’ message automatically for all browsers when the MOD is disconnected.
We were relying on the websocket close event in 1.0.0, which may take a long time in certain browsers.
With this new code we can also check when the MOD is back online after being disconnected, so starting from 1.0.1 the web interface will automatically reload when you re-connect your MOD.

Here’s the download link:
Note: version 0.12.2 or higher is required to install.

If you have 1.0.0 you’ll receive an update notification when you open the MOD web interface.
Just click on the tooltip icon in the bottom-right when that happens, then ‘Download’ and finally ‘Upgrade Now’.
This will be the first time we deploy this kind of auto-updates, so feedback and testing regarding it is very welcome. Thanks!

Now the full changelog.


  • Fix installing a plugin that failed previously (because of power failure)
  • Fix missing favicon images
  • Fix pedalboards with empty names (will be named “Untitled”)
  • Don’t save online pedalboards as “last loaded pedalboard”
  • Do not install the same bundle twice
  • Always generate a screenshot, even if timed out
  • Increase screenshot timeout yet again (now 30secs)
  • Install needed plugins before loading a remote pedalboard
  • Re-authorize pedalboard share if it fails the first time
  • Save plugin builder and release versions inside pedalboards
  • Small tweaks to a few text strings


  • Add “view more pedalboards online” link
  • Auto-reload page when MOD re-connects
  • Pass pedalboard id for remote loading instead of full url
  • Implement timeout check without using websocket
  • Make new updates more obvious if they are important/required

Hopefully you have 1.0.0 at this point. In which case you’ll receive an update notification when you open the MOD web interface.
If you rather like to do the update procedure manually or if you’re not running 1.0.0, follow the steps described at the bottom of the releases page, here:

We hope you’re enjoying your MOD Duo as much as we do. :smile:
Please let us know of any issues!