Release Date: February 2020, new CPU

  1. Is February 2020 a final release date?

  2. Will the store be updated to reflect the new CPU?

Interested in pre-ordering but would first like to know the date I can expect to receive it, and have an invoice with the new hardware.

We are going with that date as the target.

I can give you the current status:

  • we are able to flash bootloader and main system, it boots and works as expected
  • we will use exactly the same “rootfs” as we have for the previous imx8-based units, since they are binary compatible. that means the “only” work that we need to do is tweak the bootloader and make all kernel components work
  • plugin store and other cloud stuff needs no changes, our target is to use the same OS image for both duo x units (download size will increase by a few Mb, that’s it)

Interesting. So the DUOs use an NXP iMX8 SoM?

The current Duo X’es do.

Will this be available for regular, non X, Duos too?