Remember the screen when switching pages

Remembering the previous selcted screen when switching Pages with the food switches.
This is something the Elektron Devices implemented also with a settings parameter.

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Although I didn’t quite get it (I’m not so familiar using Elektron devices as well), I mapped it.
Anyway, is this something like switching pages not by order?

Trying to explain in proper terms. Remembering the subpage when switching pages. Imagine 2 Pages with several subpages. When I edit parameters on page 1 & subpage 2 and then switch to page 2 to edit parameters on subpage 3. When then returning to page 1 I want to return directly to subpage 2 again. In the moment I first always return to subpage 1 and have to navigate to subpage 2.
Elektron: “Added an option for the device to remember which page’s subpage you last used and access this page again next time”


Gotcha now :slight_smile: Thanks for the clarification