Request: Guitarix Vibro Chump Sims?


I’ve noticed much of Hermann’s awesome Guitarix work is in the MOD, I personally really miss his Vibro Chump Fender simulations. I think the MOD covers very clean or very saturated simulated sounds very well, but I miss a nice Fender model that is nicely ‘tube-y’ and ‘warm’ without getting harsh, Vibro Chump has a really great vintage sound and it’s built-in tremolo is perfect for a swampy and bluesy sound like a real Fender has.

Users could get a nice clean crunch and then take it further with the Tubescreamer. Please consider adding the Vibro Chump sims, Thanks for reading :wink:



Hi Glen

They are already in the plugin-builder, so, it’s just a question of upload them to the store.


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Currently there are still some bugs with the Vibro Chump simulations, so they can not yet be classified as stable plugins. Thanks for letting us know that you would like this plugin, when we find the time to get the bugs out, we’ll definitely let you guys know.


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Hi Jesse

Please note that I’m the maintainer of guitarix, if there are issues with one/some of my plugs, you may send me a note and I’ll sort them out.



Hi Hermann

Thank you for offering your help, I have sent you an e-mail with the details.

Looking forward to your reply!

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Hi Jesse and Hermann

Thanks for taking time to consider this and for looking into potential fixes, I’ll look forward to seeing what happens, I hope there is sufficient interest in these models to be worth your time and effort to get them into the store.

Best, Glen


Hi Glen. Thanks to Hermann’s quick work, the Vibro Chump can now be found in the plugin store!

We hope you, and many others, will enjoy :slight_smile:



@jesse @brummer

You guys rock! Thanks So Much!! Pedalboards will be forthcoming… :grin:

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