Return of 3 pages mode + more button modes?

Hi, I’ve been using my Mod Duo X for a couple days now, and I just wanted to put my suggestion from my other post here, as well as some other suggestions.

a) Return of the 3 pages mode?

So I recently learned that after Mod Duo X got 6 pages, the 3 button mode has been removed in the firmware, and was replaced with 2 button mode.

But I believe this goes against the spirit of 3 button mode - the point of that mode was to reduce that extra step in thinking when switching between pages, so that the cognitive load is reduced when switching pages.

So I wanted to suggest one of the following:

  • Allow 3 pages mode, and ignore the other pages when in this mode.

  • When there are more than 3 pages, perhaps let a single press go to 1,2,3 and a quick double press go to 4,5,6.

b) More button input modes?

  • Allowing logics to button inputs. Ex. For a looper pedal: pressing button A starts the record button. pressing button A whilst ‘record’ is on turns off the record button and presses the play button and so on.

  • Long press, and double taps. (But I heard that there was some limitations around this - could someone clarify why? I’m just curious)

Thanks for taking the time to go through my suggestions.


Thanks for your suggestions and I’m saving them on our request list.

I’m not fully aware of the limitations, but maybe @falkTX can jump in and clear that up for us.

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