Revert to version 1.8.4 Or earlier Moduo x

is there a way to revert to 1.8.4 or earlier, One of the delays (remain calm floaty) i use now has a audio bug and i’d like to revert rather than wait for a fix. I can only find downloads to Much older versions.

Side note, if there is a developer specific bug how can we / do we submit.

You can use this for 1.8.4

Though I don’t understand how that is going to help with the plugin issue.
Can you describe the bug?

Reclaim Floaty Delay “translate value to musical tempo”


Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 2.51.33 PM Jitter

if these settings are used "translate value to musical tempo" the delay cuts out because of the midi clock sync jitter that MODUOX is slaved to.

How to reproduce

  1. Send Midi Clock from a drum machine (digitakt)
  2. use “translate value to musical tempo”
  3. Send signal to the delay
  4. listen to the delay cut out.

Expected/suggested solution

I would expect for the audio not to cut out.

Additional information

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the versions.

  • release: 1.8.5
  • controller: moduox

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Mac
  • System version: Mac 10.13

1.8.4 doesn’t work either. :frowning_face: Don’t know what version i was on that it worked. How can we submit the bug to the dev?

The dev is in the forums, just have to hope he sees it.
pinging @dan_remaincalm

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Hi there!
Um. I think I know what might be happening here.
Floaty’s underlying delay engine doesn’t cope well with tempo changes (it clears its buffer when that happens). Every time the tempo gets updated, you’re going to glitch out the buffer. There are no efficient ways to fix this within the plugin itself unfortunately - not without rewriting everything.

(to be clear - floaty does tons of weird stuff around modulated, flexible rate playback etc - that makes the algorithm a lot gnarlier if we also want to do clean delay changes. it’s possible to do, but my day job keeps me too busy to realistically fix this any time soon. maybe i could add a deadband to tempo changes though? so i only reset the buffer if the delay time changes by more than 10ms or something?)

(it’s late here, will check the thread again tomorrow)

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Thanks for getting back to me Dan! Much appreciated.
Strange thing is it WAS working a few versions ago.

Ok, I have a bunch of time off in March. I guess I can put in a workaround that ignores delay time changes of less than 2ms or so. That would resolve this one.

Note that some other delay plugins may potentially burn loads of extra CPU adapting to tempo changes so it might be worth improving this in the OS if that’s possible.

thats awesome Dan, I love your delay.

Working on the fix now… it’s only about 5 lines of code (to ignore delay time changes of less than 5ms), but I have to make sure it works first, and I haven’t had my Mod hooked up to the computer since I got my rig perfected!

(the environment has changed a little and I’m not having any luck with a rebuild; might take me another couple of days, time permitting)


Its all good Dan, I know how dev works.