Rock Band Drums Work (almost...)

Hey Guys - just for kicks I plugged in the wireless USB receiver from my old set of Rock Band 2 drums (for the Wii) into my Mod Duo X and it just worked! It was detected as a MIDI device and I could play drums through a virtual instrument - very cool!! The problem is the different drum pads output overlapping MIDI signals so you can’t assign each one independently. :frowning: I spent all afternoon trying to logic my way around it with various mappings of notes and CC values, but ultimately had to give up as I couldn’t assign more than three items without overlaps. It’s too bad - would have been cool to hook up a wireless drum kit!

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Hmm… using this utility on my PC, it actually is able to map each pad to a new, separate MIDI signal. It must track the order of signals received (which is unique) and translate them to new values. We could achieve a similar thing with the right MIDI utility plugin on the Mod Duo (x). If there was a way to convert a series of CC/Note events into a new event, it could be done.

FYI, PS4 controllers can also be used as MIDI controllers :wink:

As well as most joysticks (although buttons are assigned to notes, not CC events at the moment)

The joystick example is really good, but here’s another question. Will the input of a separate volume on the drums be like any variable or like a specific volume on the installation, what will the program see?

I am not sure I understand that one