Running SuperCollider on the MOD Duo?!

I know this is probably a crazy question, but would it be even remotely feasible to run SuperCollider on the MOD Duo? I’m asking because I’m currently developing something in SC which essentially behaves as a MIDI plugin (accepts MIDI input, generates modified MIDI output), and when it’s done it would be awesome to be able to run it on the MOD Duo!

But the codebase is distinctly non-trivial, and would take way too much effort for me to port to LV2 (especially considering the jump to C++ which I assume would be required).

In contrast, SuperCollider happily runs on Linux (even headless without the IDE), so maybe it would be possible to write an LV2 plugin which is just a stub plugin, feeding input into SC, and then capturing the output and returning it as the LV2 plugin’s output? Of course it would have to be able to proxy any parameter changes through to SC too.

I’m guessing that actually getting SC running on the MOD Duo wouldn’t be too hard, but the difficulties would lie more with the integration, and with things like latency.


It definitely is possible. Both the Organelle and VCVRack have either native SC support or have ported Ugens to a module.

Imo the Allwinner A20 limitations to run a mainline kernel could get in the way.

It seems that MOD has standardized on the LV2 format for DSP. So perhaps a device which could communicate with the MOD Duo using SC might be a different design choice?

How about this, OSC interface for plugins?