Save hardware input/output levels

Sorry to ask that if it is already answered elsewhere, but can these levels be saved as part of the settings for one particular pedalboard ?

You can use “user profiles” that save and load up to 4 collection of settings.

We don’t recommend to save/load hardware levels on a per-pedalboard basis, as that can damage equipment.
Specially dangerous in the Duo X (with the upcoming v1.9 update) since the CV / Headphone / Exp.Pedal modes are part of those “alsamixer” levels.

It is technically possible, but it is not going to come from our side :wink:

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Damage equipment… you mean blow the amp ? Another practical example of it ?

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yeah, something like that. very unpleasant if you expect 50% volume but suddenly it changes to 100%.
on the Duo X, the output headphone optionally acts as CV out. so an alsamixer switch could make the headphone receive 5v

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Ouch !

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I am reviving this thread to be a bit more specific.

What I am really interested about is really the input levels. I don’t thing there is a risk of damage here, is there?
Basically, with some pedalboard, I’m using input two of my Duo for a microphone. On another, I use it for a bass. On another for some line level input. Changing them manually at every change of pedalboard sucks.

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You can use different User profiles. But that will indeed not change when you change pedalboards, you need to change it in the settings. Think about the User Profiles as something that you would have one for each of your different music projects.