Save pedalboard on device (Dwarf) SOLVED


I’m new to the Mod Devices world. I have a Dwarf and I was wondering how I can save the pedalboard directly on the device (without the gui)?

I have just spend a little time creating some snapshots directly on the Dwarf, but if I don’t save the pedalboard, the snapshots are deleted as soon as I load another pedalboard. That is a bit annoying and what’s even more annoying is that I can’t find the “save pedalboard” button :slight_smile:


I figured it out (right there on the first page of the settings menu).

I promise to spend a little more time trying to solve a problem before posting about it here in the future.


Hi and welcome @PeterO

I’d say, don’t worry about it.
After all, some of us (me included) are still exploring.
I recently did a feature request that might be supported already (but I can’t see where).

Besides, I’d be glad to read there is one issue less to check :wink:


Don’t feel bad at all, most of my questions probably could have been resolved slogging through the wiki.

However, everything I’ve actually learned about the device came from the forums and the users haha

Every question you ask, will hopefully create an answer that we can share to the next round of us MOD initiates

Happy jamming!