Saving bpm in snapshots

It would be useful (for me anyway!) if the midi bpm were saved with snapshots - I’ve set up a few pedalboards that should have varying time signatures using a step sequencer and when I save a nice slow jazz board it still comes back at 120 bpm!


Does it come back always to 120bpm when you change the snapshot?
If yes, more than a feature request I would call it a bug fix

I have to check, but I believe so - it could go back to the last used bpm, but I think it’s 120. Let me check. Okay, checked, the bpm does not change when a snapshot is loaded, no matter what the bpm was when the snapshot was saved. So if I save one at 90 bpm, then it will not go to 90 bpm when I load it, it will stay at whatever value it has.

if the step sequencer is set to follow host tempo/sync, the bpm should not change.

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Yes, the step sequencer is set to follow host sync - the Dwarf - I’m using the beta looper that will start and reset when the midi is turned on and off, so I can reset it with one pedal. If I change the Dwarf midi bpm then the sequencer changes. If I set a slow temp board and take a snapshot it seems to me that the bpm would be part of the snapshot, but it’s not - so I have set up 3 snapshots using the same sequencer, one running at 120bpm, one at 34 bpm and one at 214 bpm, but when I load the snapshot the bpm does not change from whatever it is before I loaded it! I then have to go into the gui or map a knob to change it, which is a pain in a live situation (I’ve not used it live as yet, but you never know!)

right so this is expected with the current design.
snapshots do not save&restore transport state.

I think the case can be made for it to be this way. if you change the BPM and then switch snapshots, under normal circumstances I dot not think users would like that to “reset” the BPM.

So if we add support for transport state in snapshots, it should be optional. Do you agree?


Yes, optional would be fine - even set on the pedalboard itself somehow, although having a plug in that just enables the saving of the transport state with a snapshot might be a sledgehammer/nut solution!

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