Saving sound changes without web interface

Hi all,

yesterday I made some nice synth-pedalboards which we want to use on stage. I have a Roland MIDI-master with some controllers which controll different features of the created pedalboard (sorry, I can’t upload the pedalboard, because it is using Dexed, which is currently unstable).

If I have a notebook available, I can easily save the pedalboard (and the current sound settings) or a preset. But in our rehearsal room we are making music and have no computer available. If we make sound changes, we want to store them (e.g. overwrite the current preset) directly from the MOD-Duo. Is there a way to do this? Or is there a plan to implement this feature?

Regards, Holger

The ‘Current Pedalboard’ on the controller screen allows you to save the changes made to your currently loaded pedalboard to disk.
You can enter this menu and click on “Save State”.


Ah - ok, thanks! I will try this!