Say hello to the MOD Dwarf

Does this mean that it is not out of question ?

Is the exact size known ?. Need to plan my new pedal board :slight_smile:


We do not know the final one yet. Just the prototype. Would approximate sizes work for you?

Here’s a teaser. Prototype is alive :wink:


Yes, for sure. Nice :+1:

@gianfranco, in crowdfunding in the mod duo, there was a specific item for sale in Brazil. In this new crowdfunding, will you have a similar option?

Hi @SrMouraSilva

I have been thinking about how to make this possible again. If we come up with a proper solution we will surely offer such pledge again

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Hmm. That looks too large to really be called “mobile”.

I was thinking something much smaller. Remove all the knobs, buttons, lights, and screen. Nothing but jacks. Really shrink it down–like maybe 15x7x3 cm. Small enough to be mounted on the guitar, guitar strap, or your belt. Can only be controlled from a phone or tablet. Power it from the the phone/tablet.

So not really a pedal for a floorboard, but rather a practice/headphone device. But has output jacks that would allow it to be plugged in studio monitors, FRFR stage monitor, or PA.

Maybe this is something separate and in addition to the Dwarf. Call it the MOD Micro, MOD Mobile, or something like that.


Good idea, but must be an addition to the family, not something instead of the Dwarf.

Actually, a nice thing could be to be able to have this almost embedded in the guitar itself !


I am totally up for this. I’ve got a Mod Duo but still running a bunch of pedals on the floor. This would be a great addition. Like the idea of running one for pitch shifting and modulation and one for delays and reverbs. Keeps the CPUs in their headroom.


Do confirm, you’re aiming the kickstarter price point for the Dwarf at c.€150?

IR’s are a must it the Dwarf is going to stand comparison with Helix/Neural QC etc, surely?

You might argue that at the suggested price point, buying a Two Note or Iridium is the solution.

If the Dwarf is going to stand comparison it has to incorporate that tech.

Do you remember the Zoom units which could go on your strap?

Loved it!

No, I think that’s the price aim for those who already have a ModDuo - see the thread about ModDuo CPU upgrades.

Was that the Zoom 9002? About 10 x 12 x 4 cm.

There was also the Korg Pandora and the Line 6 Pocket POD.

Another mobile option is to buy a small audio interface, like the iRig HD 2 from IK Multimedia, and connect it to your iPhone via USB, and then run a modeling app, such as BIAS FX or Amplitube, on the phone.

But we’re getting off topic…

These are the measures of our current prototype.
I have a piece of undocumented news: It might be a little shorter :wink:


That’s approximately 7.5" x 4" x 1.5" for those of us in the American Kingdom :wink:


Thanks for the translation @unbracketed ! We are metric beings over here :smiley:


Actually I have been flirting with mod duo x for quite a while now.
I wanted to use it at the end of my chain for my sum at my live acts. So
Analog Rytm, Digitakt, Analog Four and Octatrack.

I wanted to use filter/ EQ, compressor, noise, reverb, saturator.

For space and weight reasons the Dwarf would be more attractive.

What, dear Mod Team, would you recommend?