Say hello to the MOD Dwarf

No, I think that’s the price aim for those who already have a ModDuo - see the thread about ModDuo CPU upgrades.

Was that the Zoom 9002? About 10 x 12 x 4 cm.

There was also the Korg Pandora and the Line 6 Pocket POD.

Another mobile option is to buy a small audio interface, like the iRig HD 2 from IK Multimedia, and connect it to your iPhone via USB, and then run a modeling app, such as BIAS FX or Amplitube, on the phone.

But we’re getting off topic…

These are the measures of our current prototype.
I have a piece of undocumented news: It might be a little shorter :wink:


That’s approximately 7.5" x 4" x 1.5" for those of us in the American Kingdom :wink:


Thanks for the translation @unbracketed ! We are metric beings over here :smiley:


Actually I have been flirting with mod duo x for quite a while now.
I wanted to use it at the end of my chain for my sum at my live acts. So
Analog Rytm, Digitakt, Analog Four and Octatrack.

I wanted to use filter/ EQ, compressor, noise, reverb, saturator.

For space and weight reasons the Dwarf would be more attractive.

What, dear Mod Team, would you recommend?

Is the Mod Dwarf Max/MSP compatible ??

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Of course! :wink:

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apologies if i missed this in my searching, but can the Dwarf also be used as a USB audio interface: it seems that it could support 2 x inputs (IN 1, 2), 2 x outputs (OUT 1, 2), MIDI IO (MIDI IN, OUT)?

in particular i would be using it as an audio interface with GNU+Linux, but hopefully it would be USB class compliant and work with any device without drivers.


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February is running out fast - any update on when we get to throw money at your kickstarter yet?




Hi Larry, if you’re subscribed to receive news about the campaign, something will pop up in your inbox in a couple of minutes :wink:


same here!

Looks great, be sure to buy it as soon as possible!

Hi everyone

It is today!!! :wink:

The Dwarf campaign will be open at 2PM (CET) and here is the link:

Best wishes and pledges to everyone.

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It’s alive!

Alive and kicking!!

The early birds are mostly gone :wink:

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I got in the early, early bird but wasn’t there supposed to be an extra discount for Mod Duo owners or did I misunderstand?

Yes. There is.

Please check this tread to see how it will work.

Cool, thanks!

Hi @gianfranco, I would like to pledge for two Dwarfs (Dwarves?) but have one of them as the beta tester version for myself. Can I just choose the Double tap option?

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