Say hello to the MOD Dwarf

Thats a great concept!

I think this would extend the mod team’s workload about 400% (and also the predicted delivery date). So, perhaps for the next evolution?

Congrats on the furious kickstarter! With the campaign doing so well, I was wondering whether you have some ideas for stretch goals already, @gianfranco ?

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The two stretch goals are already listed on and the first one was already hit :slight_smile:

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Yes, I do :wink:

As @aspiers already mentioned, two of them are already published and the first one is already reached.

I am using the same strategy for all of them: bringing plugins to the platform. This is actually a great opportunity for all of us.

The biggest hurdle for the commercial developers to come into the MOD platform is the risk that their hours invested on the porting effort will need to be recouped back very slowly as the plugin sales happen.

With the Kickstarter campaign I am managing to arrange deals where I can offer them an initial lump sum that pays off the porting effort and their sales after the campaign are basically profit.

Tomorrow we’ll announce the 175k€ stretch goal.

I am sure this one is going to drive you guys nuts :wink:


So exciting! @gianfranco I’m sure we’d all love to see more commercial developers come to the platform. After this Kickstarter is over, why not run more campaigns purely for crowd-funding more development?

In fact, you could even somewhat democratise the whole process by picking a platform on which users could propose and vote for new plugins they want to crowd-fund. Ditto for improvements to existing plugins, or even improvements to the core platform. For example, check out

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Thanks @aspiers

The idea is surely interesting. Let’s see how we can operationalise this. I believe that the biggest bonus that the Dwarf will bring is the major growth of the platform.

Once we have a bigger population, such ideas will be more and more feasible.


Without knowing you’ve hinted on the stretch goal :wink:


Hahaha, what can I say - great minds think alike! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


Nice! I like to hang out here and did not even subscribe to the kickstarter campaign… that’s why I missed the updates. Thanks for the heads-up!

I like the plugin stretch goals… the more the merrier! Will the licenses be tied to the dwarf?

In the case of the stretch goals yes. These are device only licences.

We are still checking how we can operationalise a special discounted price to “full license” upgrades.

I’m sure you’ll figure something out. :smiley:

I think it would be nice to provide the plugin developers with a super easy to use plugin development kit, that would include both the DSP and the UI side of things. Maybe some of the kickstarter goals should include the development of such a tool.

I think this already exists to a large extent. The UI could probably use a Docker image, and maybe there’s room for improvement in the Plugin development section of the Wiki.

Gainfranco, I also see that you are offering the looper reward to those with the Kickstarter Edition but not other versions. Will you allow a way for the rest of us to access those plugins/rewards if we contributed the extra 10 euros? When I bought in I was unaware that the different tiers would have access to different rewards. Hope this makes sense and thanks for considering.

@gianfranco I signed up for the beta tester, will that version also be receiving the stretch goal plug-ins?


No need to worry @Jacob_Singer

You are included in the offer

All Dwarf units from KS will ship with the stretch goals plugins


Will the Mod Dwarf come with bluetooth built in so we can ensure a good connection for listening to backing tracks and editing on a tablet or cellphone? That would seem to be an easy inclusion that would make connectivity much easier for folks.

That’s a very good question. As noted in Web UI over bluetooth very slow, currently it seems impossible to buy a USB Bluetooth dongle which does anything better than 4.0, even though 4.1, 4.2, and 5.0 have all been available for quite a while now. Maybe it’s easier to add a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset to the internal motherboard though?

I don’t really think it would add a ton of cost to the unit either. A lot of other “modeling” type of devices seem to be including wireless these days.