SCHED_DEADLINE and kernel 3.4

I just watching this nice talk:

And now I’m wondering if the mod doesn’t use SCHED_DEADLINE because it was mainlined with version 3.14. I’ve never wrote a realtime application so maybe someone could tell me what jackd is doing? I’m just curious.

The Duo uses 3.4, so yeah it doesn’t have deadline support.
Whatever it works nicely or not is hard to tell right now.
Even if it appears to be the case in theory, we will need to do real live tests to be sure.

You know the motto - if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it :wink:
We’ll reconsider the RT options once we move to the mainline kernel.

As I now finished watching the talk I must say that the coolest deadline features are not finished yet. But when it’s finished the mod duo could receive some performance and power consumption improvements too. That’s nice. No rt priority hacks anymore.

Is power consumption an actual issue?

AFAIK it’s a general issue with realtime under linux because you only get good realtime performance if the cpu is in performance mode. So there’s no (or less) downclocking. With future deadline features you don’t have to decide if you want powersaving or realtime performance.
But power consumption isn’t a real problem for the mod duo.