Scientific article referring to the Duo and Guitatix JCM800

Hi everyone,

I just came across this article that compares Guitatix JCM800 on the Duo and other simulation solutions.

The results are not very good for that plugin on the Duo

EDIT : I modified the statement above as it was misleading. Sorry about that. I wrote a bit too quickly.

If I recall correctly, the JCM800 plugin is really too heavy (even for regular PCs, not just the Duo).
On the Duo, the oversampling was disabled in order to keep CPU down (and even then, only 1 instance can be used at a time).

You guys better think about switching to Apple’s M1 :rofl:

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Thanks for sharing the article. I just find it rather misleading to conclude that “the results are not very good for the Duo”. As I read it, the results have nothing to do with the Duo itself, and everything to do with that particular plugin’s implementation. The article’s authors are pretty clear about that too:

The LV2 Guitarix JCM800 plugin running on the Mod Duo pedal did not sound right to any of our testers. Other plugins on this pedal sounds much better, so we wondered if the port of this software on the Mod Duo has been made correctly.

Hi @sgoumaz

Yeah, I momentarily had a similar reaction to seeing the phrase “not very good for the Duo.” Knowing that the original poster is a regular, friendly contributor, and considering that textual and English communication are both tricky, I believe they meant it as “not very good for this plugin on the Duo”.


You guys are perfectly right in your comments. I wrote a bit too quickly and should have been more precise. I really meant “MOD duo” in the context of that test, as a short name for the particular configuration they were testing.

And I live my Duo, and quite like the Guitatix JCM800, although I have never had the chance to play the actual Marshall amp.

Welcome to the MOD.

The JCM800 on the MOD is a striped down version, as already mentioned by @falkTX
This is done because the original was to heavy in CPU usage for the MOD Duo.
I’m pretty sure that the Dwarf will be able to run the original version, which indeed sounds a way better. (The filters been designed for 96kHz samplerate and use a resampler in original to match that, this is removed for the MOD, beside some other strips)
The original version is part of the guitarix package and could be tested under Linux.
Btw. it isn’t to heavy for a usual X86 processor, here it use 5% DSP load.


Thanks all for the context, details and welcome. And I’ll add, I’ve been reading on and off here for quite some time and appreciate the respect and thoughtfulness I see throughout, which I think tells a lot about the product and MOD themselves.


For those who want to test out what host the article is about, here you go:

As a MOD user you’ll be familiar with the interface.

Here is one Amp I made for those:


Is that the Duo version?

Nor the one or the other, just a other one.
Here is Michel (The Author of the article above) playing with it.

It seems that with a real cab sounds way better.