Searching for a video about synth building

Hello all, I remember seeing, sometime in December, a piece, probably a video, that gave an example of building a synthesizer from scratch using, I think, a Duo, possibly a Duo X. I’m trying to find it again as it is something that I would like to do (I know, synths are there aplenty in the plug ins, but I want to build one using midi components plus other plug ins to make it an educational experience - work out what effect all the different parts have on the sound and how to shape the sound to what I want). Does anyone have any knowledge of such a piece, either text or video, that I could use?

Happy '22

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This one perhaps? MOD Duo X - Internal CV Demo - YouTube


That’s the one! Thanks @falkTX I wasn’t sure it was from the team, but now I see that it is, even better. I’ll be making noises now.