Second channel on TiggleSwitch keeps cutting out

hey All

I’ve just been doing some recording with my Duo - which I successfully upgraded to the new kernel thingy… :slight_smile: - but an issue has begun to crop up and it’s a little odd - I use the ToggleSwitch to have two pedal chains - and use a Mod footswitch to turn them on and off… all fine but for some reason the second ‘reverb’ channel (which has my Shiro verb on) has begun to cut out intermittently - and it’s not just one pedal stopping to work, it’s the whole chain that cuts off - including the long tale on the Shiro - it’s like I’ve muted the channel… I’ve done some trouble shooting and checked the various connections in the chain - and bypassed the ToggleSwitch and it’s still happening…

Any thoughts on how to fix this would be much appreciated - I’m just starting work on a new EP and I really want to work in some of these lovely sounds… which is hard if the reverb keeps getting chopped off!

Thanks in advance


Do you have a plugin in your chain which is in trial? I had something similar with the gaffa tape delay and i couldn’t explain why the sound was cutting of from time to time…
Anyway a screenshot of your pedalboard could maybe help

Hey man thanks - it is the Gaffa Tape delay in my chain - I suspected it might be that… is there a way to fix that as I love that effect? happy to purchase if necessary - or is there an issue with that plugin?

Thanks for nailing the issue (sort of) let me know re the Gaffa - such a great sounding one that :slight_smile:

AFAIK this is the limitation of the trial. I had the same issue even after my purchase. A reboot permanently fixed it for me.

BTW: I’d love to buy more of such great effects!

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@MikeFlynnBass as mentioned by @Klaustrophil and @roughael, this sounds indeed like this is due to the Gaffa being still in trial mode. When a commercial plugin is in this mode it will cut out the sound every now and then. Once a license is purchased, the plugin will look for this license once it’s reloaded. When a valid license is found the sound will stop cutting out and will be continuous.

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Just buy the damn thing it’s awesome! :laughing:

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Oh and when I had this problem I suggested that when downloading a plugin in trial, to point out clearly what the trial version does. I think it’s not that obvious and feels more like a bug…

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I thought I had - maybe just forgot! Will buy that sucker ASAP! So goood

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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I just didn’t realise… so glad it’s an easy fix - phew!

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I understand why it’s not immediately clear what “trial” does. Might indeed be useful to see how this can be more verbose.

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I’ve bought other plugins before so this is nothing new to me - more that I didn’t realise I needed to pay for it - which of course I am - perhaps a little flag on the pedal on your board saying ‘remember to buy’ might help - I’d have sorted it sooner if I’d been reminded :slight_smile:

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OK - turns out I DID purchase the Gaffa a while ago - but I fixed the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the Gaffa and the Shiro Verb II (also purchased) they seem to have developed a conflict and both were turning off as if they were still in Trial mode - bit weird but the reinstall and restart has fixed this… so yay!

All I’m waiting for now is the Dwarf and a working guitar compatible arpeggiator :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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@MikeFlynnBass, glad it all worked out. I think by uninstalling and reinstalling you also upgraded the plugins to the latest versions. All commercial plugins where updated some time ago to work correctly with the newest firmware version and the issue you are describing above sounds like the issue that this update fixes.