Set MODsdk Toolchain to g++ compiler

Hey guys!

I’ve been working my way through the examples to compile lv2-code for the MOD. I figured out most of the Makefile and stuff, so now I can ./build from the mod-plugin-builder-master directory.

Somewhere in the building process, the builder always defaults to gcc as compiler, more specifically:
I checked the directory and found a /arm-mod-linux-gnueabihf-g++ as well.

How can I set the g++ compiler for the build?

Many thanks!

CC is usually used as variable for the C compiler, while CXX is used for the c++ one.

if you use $(CXX) instead of $(CC) you should get the g++ instead of gcc.
Don’t forget to change $(CFLAGS) to $(CXXFLAGS) too.

Cool that works.
Thanks a lot!