Setting the global bpm via footswitch tap tempo?

I can’t find any documentation or explanation of how this can be achieved. How can I control the global bpm via tap tempo from a footswitch?


Hi @dylanious,

You can do this. Just open the tempo/transport menu (at the bottom of the screen) and assign the BPM to a footswitch. See the animation below

I’m working on some docs about this right now and we should have something about it in our wiki soon.

Hope it helps



Awesome got it thank you!

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It seems like quite wasteful to have dedicate a whole footswitch to this, as typically it’s only necessary to set the tempo once per song at most. Please could there be a way to hide this feature behind some kind of activation mechanism, for example long-pressing or double-pressing a footswitch, or pressing two switches at the same time? Similarly to how many units hide their built-in tuner behind this kind of activation.