Setup Dwarf, can I get help on ideas?

Hi Modders,
I want to use Dwarf in a setup for an upcoming theater tour and use it as a part of my gear.
Understanding a lot but not that well in the go through of my gear and getting the most of it
That’s why asking on tips and tricks for all ya’ll setup/chain masterz.

Gear I have and want to use:

  • Multi in/output preamp, Presonus quantum 2626 8 in/out
  • Synth with keys
  • Deluge (sequencer, sampler , synthesizer)
  • Kenton Midi through -5
  • Midi pads to trigger samples in my Deluge
  • Strymon Nightsky
  • acou. guitar
  • Mic for singing

Use this gear live on stage all setup per part/song with presets on both the Deluge and Dwarf
What elements are to placed where in the chain to do what and get the best flexible setup/sound?
thoughts on mastering, midi, sync, effects a.s.o?

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Hey Robert! Sorry for the late answer on this.
I wanted to answer myself, but give some room for the community to jump in…after that my “room of time” just got a bit shorter and just now I managed to get back to it.

Some questions that may help me help you :slight_smile:
1st: Any chance of using the Presonus as your “Input manager” and putting the Dwarf as a sort of FX loop? Or even just connecting all your ins on the Presonus, route them to the Dwarf and connect the Dwarf to a PA (?)

2nd: If the synth has MIDI out use it as well connected to the MOD Dwarf. It may be interesting to explore the Generator plugins even if for some layering :wink: (I love to do it myself! It enriches so much any sound!). The Kenton may help you with all the MIDI routings and maybe a USB MIDI interface would help you to get more MIDI ins on the Dwarf (you can use the USB port A to connect it).

3rd: use the Nightsky as a sort of FX loop as well. Either in parallel with the Dwarf or in series.

This may not be the most practical setup, but it would be extremely versatile and perhaps a great starting point. With time you will probably understand that some things don’t make sense or you never use them and then drop them out :wink:

Does it help?

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