Shiroverb mkII trails update

Hi all,

Just a small heads-up that Shiroverb mkII now has (optional) trails, just like Gaffa! :slight_smile:
You can find the update in the MOD plugin store.

Happy noodling and stay safe!


Hi there, I bought both plugins ,Shiroverb mkII and Gaffa and I am a newbie with reverb and delay pedals / plugin. Any documentation to learn more how to use them best, create sounds etc ?


I like your comment about documentation, I’ll see if I can update that somewhere in the future. For now (and generally) I’d say the presets can be a good starting point for you to see what kind of sounds the plugins can do, and work from there. The parameter names adhere mostly to standard naming conventions and if you’re looking for a specific one a quick internet search might already give an explanation. The presets might be a bit in your face so if you want to go more subtle nudge the mix down a bit :wink:

For Gaffa specifically, the upper row of parameters is more focused towards the “functional” parameters that are generally present on delay plugins or pedals. The bottom is more about shaping (the timbre of) the sound.

For Shiroverb this is kind of similar, the upper row is mostly about how long, when, and how much the reverb will be audible (with the exception of early-tail which is a crossfade between early reflections and the tail of the reverb), the bottom is more about the tonal characteristics and frequencies that appear.

As for best usage there might be guidelines but in the end it’s all up what you like and the use case. Hope this helps!


it helps but I would say that if you have a chance to write some guidelines, that would be ideal. Thank you so much for the great plugins and your answer!

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@SHIRO-Plugins if I may ask, I would love to see documentation as well to reproduce algorithms that you can find from well known pedals such as GFI. Empress, Hall of fame etc. just a suggestion of course.

Shiroverb uses a feedback delay network algorithm and some of it’s key features is to do really long reverb and shimmer. To be honest it is not really meant to reproduce any specific algorithms. It might be able to approach some sounds but if you try to get it to work like let’s say a spring reverb it’ll still behave quite differently.

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thank you !