Sidechaining not working in Zamaudio mono compressor

It looks like the sidechain input is ignored in the mono version of the plugin. The stereo version is working fine tho.

@Klaustrophil, thanks a lot for the rapport. Which version of the plugin are you currently running? I’ve just tested it, but for me the mono version behaves in the exact same way as the stereo one. I’m testing it now with version 2.7-8.

Just to be sure, I noticed there is a toggle to enable the sidechain (which is not present on the GUI, only in the plugin menu), was that enabled?

I also noticed I had to lower the threshold to hear the sidechain effect. With both the stereo and mono version I couldn’t hear any sidechaining, until I lowered the threshold.

I made sure to enable the sidechaining in the plugin menu and also played with the threshold. But my installed version is 2.7-0. I think this could be an issue? I’m on MODEP but the platform packages seem to be up2date. Can you give me a link to the sources of 2.7-8? I couldn’t figure out how this version number is related to the upstream sources.

the last digit is the build number, we bump it everytime the builder builds a package again.
mod-plugin-builder project contains the references to the zamaudio version in use, and any patches (if applied)