Single button toggle between CC values


I’ve been meaning to ask this for ages, but keep forgetting to!

It would be really love if, when assigning a midi control, you could assign a button to a CC parameter and just set two values to toggle between - interface wise, I imagine it to be just like how we set the mix/max for a CC pedal - just two values and the pedal then toggles between them… This would be great for having gain boost that was within a particular plugin rather than external, or to choose between, for example, two speaker sims from a long list, or two presets within a particular plugin…



…OK, in experimenting I’ve just found that I can go through a list of presets with a single button push on the device itself (though it doesn’t offer me MIDI learn, so it can only be on the Duo, is that right?) - but, it includes the default setting which I can’t change (I’m doing this on the CreamMachine overdrive) - not a dealbreaker, cos I can just click past the default setting, but it’d be lovely to be able to just assign the user presets not the default…


[update] - yeah, this is a deal breaker, cos if you’re doing this in an overdrive and the factory presets generate a load of noise, you trigger a whole tone of noise and interference when you try to switch from the last one of the user presets back to the first… So, a secondard feature that would be REALLY great would be to restrict the assignment of a button (or knob) to just user presets so we can scroll through them but not have to go through the factory presets each time… Does that make sense? :slight_smile:


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yeah, I think this is possibly the biggest pain point right now on MOD is not very good preset management/mapping to controls. I’d love to see this polished up to enable a lot of different workflows.

If you just wanted a MIDI CC to toggle values, more advanced MIDI controllers you can program this way (I know on my FCB1010 I can), but I think that’s not as good a solution as being able to switch between pedalboard presets and individual plugin presets with more control and customization.


To let you guys know, release 1.7 is on the works and it includes activating Pedalboard presets with MIDI PGM messages via a selectable channel.

Ways to control the Duo on stage
Ways to control the Duo on stage

Yup, my Softstep could do this too…

In thinking about it a little, I think the selection of presets within a plugin and changing lists of things (like cabinet model types, for example) isn’t cc controlled at all, but by the MOD’s own control chain protocol, right? So it may be that a toggle switch that chooses between a pair of those presets would be easier to implement than the relative complexity of mapping the range of a fluid CC controller to a number of items in a list…

I’m not sure how much of this works, but previous experience suggests that really interesting things happen at the intersection of creative desires and developer knowledge :slight_smile:


I hear you @solobasssteve:wink: