Maybe my questions is… well! What is snapshot that appear in the top menu of pedalboard setup? And why, how can I should use it?

Hello @Zenpoolzone,

snapshots have been called “pedalboard presets” before.
There is an entry in the old MOD Wiki Web GUI User guide that can be found here
A snapshot stores the states of all plugins within your pedalboard regarding plugin states and pliugin presets. If I use one pedalboard for a song I can turn on plugins per part and can save these plugin states as a snapshot. If I need changes within my pedalboard for the next part of the song I can save them again…
I can save my snapshot list and assign it to an actuator like a MIDI controller or a foot switch as I like. It’s straightforward.

If you have questions regarding snapshots formerly known as pedalboard presets feel free to ask.

Greetings and God bless, Marus


Thanks for the fast reply and infos.

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