Some pedalboards loading with no sound



I’m finding that with some pedalboards (it seems pretty random, so it may not actually be related to a specific pedal or combination) when they load, they are intermittently loading with no sound going through, as though something is muted internally. The input is still registering signal (the lights on the inputs are coming on) but there’s no through signal. If I reload the pedalboard, it works. Occasionally when I reload it, there’s a burst of white noise (though not the ear-splitting noise I was getting from the unstable Rakarrak AlienWah!)

How to reproduce

  1. Load a pedalboard
  2. switch to another pedal board, sometimes there’s no sound
  3. reload the board, or switch to a different one then back again, sound reappears, sometimes with white noise

Expected/suggested solution

I’ve got gigs this weekend, and I’d prefer it not to happen - if there’s no fix, I’ll roll back to an earlier version…

Additional information

Open the controller menu (hold left knob down), navigate to Info > Versions and write down here the versions.

  • release: latest public
  • controller: Softstep 2

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Windows
  • System version: Windows 10, Chrome browser, but it happens when not connected to the computer too…


This might happen if there were problems loading the pedalboard.

Sound is disabled while the pedalboard loads, so that plugins don’t start processing until everything is loaded.
(Otherwise the last plugins on each pedalboard would always take longer to load, and the already-loaded ones start processing audio before the entire thing is in memory).
There’s one way to verify is this is the case - is the CPU load low when the sound is muted for you? and reloading the same pedalboard when this happens makes the CPU load higher?


It happened again this evening, and I checked the cpu load and it didn’t change between the version that was silent and the version that wasn’t…


Then it might be a plugin producing NaN values, and leading the output broken.
Do you have non-stable plugins installed on that pedalboard?


nope - at least, not on the one that was doing it this time… Will try a bunch of different combinations (of pedalboard that I’m switching from and to, to see if the pedalboard that’s being turned ‘off’ affects it too… Can’t seem to make it happen in any regular fashion at the moment, which is annoying.


@solobasssteve Did you try downgrading? Does the problem still happen then?


I haven’t tried that yet, but I will do tomorrow, and see what happens - that could be a wise choice, given that I really like the TAP backwards delay that was wrecked by the new global tempo thing too :slight_smile: Then I can use it for my gig on Saturday and wait for the update :wink:


it seems to happen with specific pairs of pedalboards. Will see if I can upload two of them, and let you try it :slight_smile:


Found it!! The problem is with the FOMP Reverb. So far, that’s the only constant with the boards that load with no sound, and when I turn that pedal off, they work fine. So I’m going through and replacing it on all my boards that use it :slight_smile:

Perhaps worth checking and seeing if it needs moving back into unstable while it gets fixed…