SooperLooper - Guidance on Operation

I am relatively new to looping, and Mod is amazing for educating and creating opportunities to explore new tools.

Does anyone in the forum have an Idiots Guide to using the SuperLooper plugin?

One of the observations I have as a less experienced musician (or less knowledgeable about pedals) is that sometimes a simple user guide for the plugin may assist. I guess there is no substitute for just jumping in and experimenting - although a process like looping is a little different.


Hey Peter,

We are talking inside of the team about plugin user guides for a while. We were wondering the best way to do it so we could even allow users and developers (besides us) to edit/create those pages.
Thanks to your request we came up with a solution and we created a section on the MOD platform in our wiki for Plugins. The idea is to connect that also inside the descriptions of the plugins in the WebGUI and also connect with the pedalboards website (what will allow users to share examples of pedalboards using the different plugins).

As a first shy step, I added SooperLooper there. Yep…it’s still empty. I will my self try to start adding something there soon.

I must admit that I’m not the most experienced user on loopers either so any " SooperLooper" expert reading this is more than welcome to get in touch with me and share some feedback :grin:
This leads me to the part where these pages must be open for all of you to edit.
I will be studying the best way for this and as soon as possible I will let you all know it - optimal would be to have your forum account connected with your wiki account…more on that later.

@Palty, I know that I’m not giving you a clear answer for what you want/need, but I must say that you helped us moving forward with something that was somehow stuck and bugging us a bit. Sorry for the first part, thank you for the second :slight_smile:


I made this chart a few years ago as part of an article I was working on for MOD, maybe it’ll be useful in some way:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Brian - thank you, this is brilliant.
The MOD community is one of the best reasons to be using their platform / devices.


Jon - this is a great development, and pathway to build out the utility of the MOD.
Appreciate the thought and consideration the team put in to how to best harness the experience for users.

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We simply know that with the help of our users and our community we will turn our devices even better :slight_smile:

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