Sooperlooper issue

Sooper Looper is not working on my ModDuo X.
It was working before V1.10 but since this release I have a lot of issues.
It doesn’t record.
But if I remove it from my pedalboard and replace it it works!
And when I save my pedaboard and recall it it doesn’t work again…

Did the problem appear just on the 1.10 or is it happening on the 1.11 RC?

The problem appear before the 1.11 RC but I don’t remember if it was here before 1.10.
All I know is that I can’t use it anymore :sleepy:
And ALO is not usable because when I change snapshot it stops playing because it has only one button for function.
I hope the future looper won’t have only 1 button for play stop and record because it means it won’t be usable with snapshot too.
Sooperlooper is great because it has distinct button for all functions, that mean I can store snapshot with only the button play on so it will continue to play while I recall snapshot. I just have to press record to record.

Ok. I’m not sure if the developers were aware of this, but I will report it.