Sorry. Another question

I can’t find this, so excuse me if it’s obvious.

How do you pay for plugins, that are for sale? PayPal or another way?

Is there a link to all the paid plugins?

What sort of prices do they run at?

Again, my MDX isn’t here till Tuesday, so this will all become apparent then but I’d appreciate any responses


We use shopify that takes care of the sales for us.
The online pedalboards link for plugins does not mention prices.
For now until the unit arrives you can use this link which will give you a very similar experience to the store version used in the units Plugin Store
(including prices)


Hello @Gordon_Strange and @falkTX,

could the top list be extended for all paid plugins?

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Thanks @falkTX really appreciate your help and all the input you guys have into the community.

which top list?

anyway, the list of commercial plugins so far is:

  • analog-house-techno
  • forward-audio cabsims (3 of them)
  • gx boobtube
  • gx cream
  • gx valvecaster
  • overtonedsp ones (4 of them)
  • phantom-zone
  • gaffa
  • shiroverb mk2
  • veja titan
  • wov
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Hello @falkTX,

Thanks for this updated list of commercial plugins.
I meant the “featured plugins” scrollbar on top of the plugin store that actually shows 7 items.
I learned recently about the veja titan by scrolling and updating the list of plugins. I might have missed it, though.

Greetings and God bless, Marius