Space savings due to MOD Dwarf

Multi-Effects pedals are an interesting bag.

I’ve worked with the Zoia before, and I walked away with a bad taste in my mouth. That is largely due to the way I want to use the pedal.

The Zoia had every effect I wanted, but felt super limited by the hardware. I traded my Zoia out for dedicated effects pedals a few months before they dropped the big CPU usage update, so I never got to experience the improvements to it.

That said, due to being disappointed by it, I thought I’d pursue effects with dedicated pedals. In fact I ended up with a decent amount of them, as well as a patch bay, to handle the added dimension and routing to the sounds I enjoy exploring.

Well hot damn was that a mistake on my end. I could’ve easily purchased a mod duo x and saved the frustration and heartache. Alas, at the time I had no idea about MOD, and I said I could buy several pedals for the cost.

I ended up snagging a dwarf, and I have to say, WOW.

It has everything I want, and way more for me to explore. I haven’t really even dug much into the midi aspect of the device yet, but some of the effects give me the exact control and sound that I want and more.

Here is some of the space I’ve saved and the gear I’ve pulled out.

No, I don’t miss them. I pulled the pedals out of the set up and I have not once thought about putting them back in.

The MOD Dwarf handles everything I need right now, and I’m really considering a DUO X if I can offload gear. This pedal has really cleaned me up Without sacrificing a sound that I’m after. I will no doubt need to snag another MOD device to handle my outlier gear.

Thanks to the MOD team and their vision, I have finally been able to consolidate to a single working desk

Really appreciate it!


Yes, same on my desk. Only the Mod Duo X was allowed to stay as an effects processor.

Same Make Noise modules here:



Very neat setup! Congrats! :clap:

The fact that you’ve dumped some top notch effects for the Mod is very telling. I too use not 10% of my MOD’s muscle and am quite impressed. Like yourself, midi comes next.

If you always record/perform in a desktop setup similar to this one, I’d say you should probably do that. Sound and effect quality are the same, but the X will give you more dials and also buttons that are quicker and easier to press using your hands than Dwarf’s footswitches.

Though I play guitar, I’ve chosen the X so that I could use it (also) as a small mixer in front of me, whereby I can adjust levels on the fly and drive some parameters, other than toggling effects on and off. If we ever need to use our feet, than we can just get a midi pedalboard.

Rock on!


I absolutely love that stand!

Did you make that yourself?

Yeah I was really surprised by the dwarfs capability. I actually regret spending money on some of the pedals I have. Luckily a few were acquired from trades or gifts.

I’m still hesitant to sell them, as I need more time with my dwarf, but so far it handles everything I need and want.

I will definitely consider the duo x just due to the larger interface. Just gotta sell some gear, as the duo x price tag is a bit out of my budget lol


Wise move, take your time to fully evaluate MOD’s effects. Since it’s a platform for which anyone can develop a plugin, it might have at some point something that fully replaces each of the boxes you have. But in case it doesn’t right now, having something that delivers it handy is always a good option. For instance, I have yet to find a good replacement for a tube distortion I have, so I won’t let it go for now.

The cool thing about MOD is that one may combine existing effects and build what one wants to a certain degree of similarity. I am trying to recreate the Yamaha UD Stomp (which goes used for some 500+ Euro!) with 8 delays! The UD manual clearly states all the rates and depths, so I it’s a matter of building that structure – just haven’t had enough time to fiddle with that so far. (I guess it could potentially be the same for the Enzo Hedra, thought obviously that involves a LOT of trial and error…)

At the current price for some Strymon boxes, I can tell you’ll raise that cash very quickly…

Good luck and good music!


The stand is made by 2 many synths and looks really great.


Thank you for that link!

My stand is decent but it is a bit wobbly while patching, I may try to find something similar to what you have. Unfortunately the shipping for the one you linked is astronomical.

I may even just build one at my buddy’s house since I’m pretty sure I have the material for it already, he just has all the nice wood finishing tools lol


Really nice to read your post and thank you so much for such nice and kind words.
We are really proud of the device that we built, but now, with it being shipped everywhere, the true feedback from the users will make us understand better the real potential of this device.
We couldn’t be more happy for knowing that it totally works for you :slight_smile: