Start ModDuoX with empty pedalboard

I have the problem that a pedalboard cannot be loaded. The Web GUI freezes every time the pedalboard is loaded automatically. This pedalboard is in ~autostart when I switch on the ModDuoX. The GUI on the hardware (on the device) does not work at the moment >> MOD DUO X hardware controls freezed.

How can I start the ModDuoX without a pedalboard, so with an empty pedalboard?

if ssh still works, you can delete /root/data/last.json which will reset that last loaded pedalboard.
then a hmi-reset; reboot should make your system come back to life again.

would be very welcome if you could share the pedalboard that causes the issue, so we can fix it.
let us know if you need help on that (sharing could be via targz uploaded here, since the PB fails to load correctly it is likely you wont be able to share it online within the web UI)

Thanks, :smiley: it worked via ssh to load an empty pedalboard. :+1:
The pedalboard was not important, maybe something senselessly patched on my part. How can I upload the BASS_DELAY-66638.tar.gz pedalboard here? I only see a function to upload pictures here in the forum.

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no need to upload here, any file hosting should work.
feel free to upload at

Sounds logical, thanks. Put the pb in the Thanks!

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Hi there.
Please contact support at and we will have a look at your issue.
Bumping forum threads to get attention is not ideal, please consider emailing support or alternatively creating a new forum thread.

As always, please make sure that you are running the latest update, which right now is 1.9.3