Starting with plugin dev

Hello guys,

I am would like to know what do you guys recommend as a dev environment for a noob.
I do know C++ (it’s my day job) but more used to VC on windows. I understand that the norm is more towards linux / mac.
I do have a mac, so I guess I am going to use that.
Which IDE do you guys use ?
Which tutorial should I start with ?



Personally I would recommend using as it will save you the hassle of writing a lot of boilerplate. There are quite some examples out there already and you’ll be able to make both LV2 and VST2/3 plugins for use in both MOD and on desktop :wink:


on it :slight_smile: … cloning a whole bunch of Cardinal sub modules…
Cloning into ‘/Users/ldecorps/Documents/workspace/Cardinal/plugins/AmalgamatedHarmonics’…
Cloning into ‘/Users/ldecorps/Documents/workspace/Cardinal/plugins/AnimatedCircuits’…
Cloning into ‘/Users/ldecorps/Documents/workspace/Cardinal/plugins/ArableInstruments’…
Cloning into ‘/Users/ldecorps/Documents/workspace/Cardinal/plugins/AriaModules’…
Cloning into ‘/Users/ldecorps/Documents/workspace/Cardinal/plugins/AudibleInstruments’…
Cloning into ‘/Users/ldecorps/Documents/workspace/Cardinal/plugins/Autinn’…
Cloning into ‘/Users/ldecorps/Documents/workspace/Cardinal/plugins/Axioma’…
Cloning into ‘/Users/ldecorps/Documents/workspace/Cardinal/plugins/BaconPlugs’…
Cloning into ‘/Users/ldecorps/Documents/workspace/Cardinal/plugins/Befaco’…

I haven’t got the fastest internet… but is seems this could take a couple of hours…


Why are you doing that? (I mean Cardinal is really cool and all, but it’s quite massive of a project to use in order to learn how to write plugins …)

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I thought there was a dependency on this :slight_smile:

Ok I built the metronome… let’s see how I can run this thing.


I can’t imagine why you would think this. Nothing on the page I linked even mentions Cardinal …


leave it… too much googling !

so now that I have a simplistic plugin, let’s say I want to test drive it on the dwarf, how do I copy it across?

I thought I read something about that somewhere, but can’t find it anymore.
Ah… there is this

I am missing something still… the SDK gives me “No bundles found!”


I think you want the MOD Plugin Builder


What @malfunction54 said. You’ll need to cross-compile it for the Dwarf (or Duo, or DuoX) which is what the Mod Plugin Builder is for:

Maybe have a look at this wiki page for the prerequisites for this → How To Build and Deploy LV2 Plugin to MOD Duo - MOD Wiki