Stereo Sooper Looper

Dear All,

I’d like to control rec switch of more than one sooper looper with a single footswitch but seems not possibile on the Mod Duo. It’s a bug or I can assing a Footswitch to only one parameter? Sounds pretty weird in that case.


I’m looking for this too. The Boss RC-30 has stereo on it and I wonder how much of a lift it would be to make a Stereo Sooper Looper.

@ElijahLynn, we actually have a stereo version available. It was previously a BETA plugin, but it’s now available in the regular store. See:


This is great to hear! Thank you!

I see the source here (says no links allowed in posts) and will tinker with it soon on my PiSound.

p.s. I have been using Sooper Looper on the PiSound and am gearing up to get a legit MOD Duo soon!

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