Strymon Timline emulation?


Hey, does anyone know if the MOD Duo can emulate any Strymon effects? In particular, Strymon Ice in Timeline… something like this:

I know reverb can be added, but adding this type of shimmer pad while also having a nice cleanish pick would be really cool.


Check out
and crank up the shimmer. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Hmm, I see now that you’ve used the shiro verb before in your pedalboards. Not sure what exactly you’re looking for that can’t be done with it.


Thanks @ssj71! I honestly made my ambient patches using some tips from other websites, but haven’t actually played around with the shiroverb much. I went straight to just making what I thought was a good pad sound. I’ll check out the functionality of the shiroverb, though - thanks!