Suggestion: Require Plugin Description from Developers


A suggestion…
Can it be a requirement that developers have to put in a description?

There are plugins which I have no idea what they do or how they work.
Descriptions would be great especially when I’m looking for something specific or understanding what each control does.

Just something I’ve been wanting.


Many developers really hate writing this sort of stuff. Requiring them to do so probably will just result in push back. I believe it’s already suggested to improve descriptions when a dev submits plugins to be added to the store.

I’d suggest you take it case by case. I personally feel like I write fine descriptions of my plugins, but maybe they make no sense to others! You can contact most of the developers, and if you understand a plugin well enough yourself, perhaps you can contribute to their documentation. I know I sure appreciate any contributions to my projects.


Hey @Skydiver

We tried this when we were putting in place the Publishing/Promotion of plugins but unfortunately it backlashed.

The problem is quite clear: the expectations and requirements from musicians are very different than the expectations and requirements from developers and hackers.

We actually already had a good idea about these differences, but we did not expect that some developers would see it as a problem.

Our response to this and other issues is coming in the next days with MOD Labs. Stay tuned :wink: