Suggestion: scroll through snapshots

I think it would be an amazing idea if you could programme snapshots in order for example…

SS 1 verse
SS 2 chorus
SS3 verse
SS4 chorus
SS5 middle 8
SS6 chorus
SS7 outro

And then just use one button on the Duo to scroll through them.
For example say the right switch when hit would go from SS 1 to SS2 and when hit again would go to SS3 and then SS4 etc.
Does this sound like a thing that could be done or that others would find useful?

It’d make my life so much easier just having one small box that can do everything.


Sorry to post on this again, I was just wondering if any of the Mod Duo team had seen this and if they thought it had legs as an idea?

I change settings on multiple bits of gear a lot. Most songs in any given setlist are at least a wee bit different than other songs and I often find it hard to remember if I am supposed to go to patch 5 for an outro on any given song or is it patch 4 or 5 for my bridge on this song? lol.

If i was able to just programme the required snapshots/scenes/patches or whatever in a row so I could scroll through It would literally be amazing for me.

Hello @elvisvalentine,

the simplest way for this type of control is to create a snapshot list which contains your current plugin status for a part of the song and to assign the list to a switch to cycle through or to an encoder. Of course you can rename snapshots with a short name and index, too to find them easily. It might require thinking ahead before arranging the list, though

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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So this basically already exists? lol
How does one assign snapshots to one switch to cycle through?
If its’s in the manual. I’ll work it out.

Thanks MJ.

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Yep. It exists.

And I believe it is in the manual.

IF it is not @Leo_Germani and @jesseverhage we need to update it :wink:

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Hello @elvisvalentine, @gianfranco and all,

I simply overlooked it myself that such an entry exists, but you are right. This link will show you how to create snapshots, formerly called pedalboard presets.
If you choose “assign all” from the dropdown list you can map this snapshot list to an actuator.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Hi @elvisvalentine,

Yes, it’s possible!

Have a look here:

The manual does not explicitly talk about assigning presets but is the same as assigning any other parameter. The only difference is that you have to click on the “Assign all” button, instead of that little icon you have in other parameters. (I think it is worth to add this section to the manual and I’ll do it)

You can assign it both to knobs or footswitches, and you will be able to navigate across the presets. The tricky part there is no way to reorder the presets, so you have to create them in the order you will be using. (perhaps this is a nice improvement for the future)

If you choose to assign it to the Group “Footswitches 1 & 2”, each footswitch will navigate the presets in one direction, if you assign only to one footswitch, it will loop through all presets.

I hope that meets what you were looking for!


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Great, thanks @mj_prod

You can also do this for each plugin presets, that what I was referring that is not explicitly in the manual.

But I will also upgrade the names and screenshots to reflect the recent name changes (presets -> snapshots)


Hello @Leo_Germani,

This indeed is a fantastic way navigating if you have only one potent but versatile pedalboard and use the mod duo just for preset snapshots.
Thanks for pointing to this, because it was a community request how to handle snapshots and I forgot about how it works.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Excellent, thanks a lot folks. I’m looking forward to trying this out tonight. But probably wont get a chance until the weekend lol.

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Will it be possible to access pedaboard presets directly by just sending a CC signal?