Suggestions/Questions (graphic EQ, standard Pedalboard)


Hey Everyone,

this weekend i had another pretty loud gig in a small location. These two things are deadly for picking up the sound of any acoustic instrument (in my case the saxophone with a clip condenser mic).
But it’s these situations that give us ideas how we could deal with them better.

My Questions:

  1. is there a graphic eq (visible spectrum) that can be moved to stable and used with the mod ui? That would make eqing on stage awesome because i can see the frequencies i need to cut out.
  2. how do you rate the possibility of having two virtual pedalboards running in serial? By this i mean the primary pedalboard (atm i use one pedalboard per song or a small group of songs) and a secondary pedalboard which doesnt change and which is the input for the primary board. There i could make adjustments for the entire gig without editing every primary pedalboard. If not - using presets would be the solution - right?

Thanks for reading and your ideas! :wink:


Hi @domlo

About the second you could just make two different chain of effects with a switch box in front of them.
Just be aware of the CPU load.
Would that help you?


yeah, no, not really.
my thought was, that with the “primary” and “secondary” pedalboard i could use ONE “secondary” pedalboard as a frame for the “primary” pedalboards (right now 20 and counting).

But that’s just an idea with little to no hope it will ever exist. I guess i’m going to have to work with presets and go though every pedalboard and load the preset.


Something that will help with an acoustic gig is putting the output out of phase.

I’d really like a phase plugin.
It would be cooler if the phase is adjustable to make some interesting tones when combining signals.