Switchbox 1-2St and 2-1St don't support channel CV mapping


I’m trying to use a set of stereo switches to be able to switch a pair of filters between series and parallel. Because all three switches need to be flipped at the same time, I’m using a CV control. However, only the on/off control for the switches can be CV mapped. The channel selector allows for midi and direct device controls, but this doesn’t allow me to change all three switches at the same time. I’ve updated all the plugs and the device.

How to reproduce

  1. Try to map a CV control to the channel selector
  2. Note that there is no option to do so

Expected/suggested solution

The standard CV selector should be present.

Additional information

Mod Dwarf

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In the mean time, I’ve figured out a better way to do this, but this should still be fixed.


out of curiosity, what was your alternate solution?

I believe the issue here is that enumerated parameters work differently, or there is still some missing LV2 spec to allow this, not sure. It was discussed before.

Not all parameter types are able to map to CV, toggles and enums like this are some.

Using stereo crossfaders in place of the switches. It’s annoying, because the in-between positions aren’t necessarily something I want, although not the worst in this case.

Interesting — on-off works just fine. Go over 5V, and it flips. I’d expect that you could model an enum the same way. Of course, being able to name and display the ranges on the CV control when you have it mapped to a device knob would be necessary in a lot of cases for usability.

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