SwitchBox2 sends output to channel 2 when channel 1 is selected


I have found after rebooting my Duo, the SwtichBox 2 plugin sends the signal to channel 2 even though channel 1 is selected. To get that to stop I have deleted the SwitchBox 2 and placed it on the board again, but it will have the same issue if power is cycled to the Duo. I am cycling power due to lack of audio after some time of the Duo being on. To get audio back, I have to cycle the power of the Duo. That is a different issue though. I have only found this to be an issue on the Duo and not the DuoX

How to reproduce

I have a simple setup with only the SwitchBox 2 and the Shiroverb MKII, (See attached photo). My SwitchBox 2 is setup to toggle with only the left footswitch of the Duo.

  1. Setup a pedal board with a SwitchBox 2 and another pedal
  2. Route the signal to go through to the output on channel 1 of the SwitchBox and through whatever effect on channel 2 prior to the output connection
  3. Setup the SwitchBox to toggle channels with the left footswitch (not sure if this is a necessary step)
  4. Ensure channel 1 stays clean and channel 2 is wet prior to cycling power
  5. Cycle the power
  6. When the Duo comes back up play and try to change the channels from wet to dry. Both should remain wet.

Expected/suggested solution

Channel 1 should not be wet in this scenario and channel 2 should be when the footswitch is toggled.

Additional information

SwitchBox 2 installed version 1.1-12

  • release:

  • controller: MOD Duo

  • Operating system: Mac

  • System version: macOS Catalina 10.15