'Symphonic' modulation

Would love to see the Symphonic effect from the old Yamaha SPX, Magic Stomp pedal series.

I know it cycles around 11 different manual/depth/rate patterns switching between some sine and triangle LFO types with some thru zero action thrown in for good measure but that’s where my knowledge ends.

Nothing out there emulating this that I’ve seen thus far.


Isn’t that just the sweetest of all effects ever? (Sorry my being hyperbolic here, but I haven’t sold my Magicstomps for that precise reason.)

My goal – for which I can’t make promises – is to rebuild the UD Stomp/Magicstomp 8 discreet lines delay with Max and then port it to MOD. Will be more than happy to share if it works. I’m still a novice with Max programming, so that might take a while. Any help there is welcome.