Sync the Boss RC-5 Loop Station to a looper plugin?

Is there a looper plugin that will sync with an external looper.

I am thinking of getting the Boss RC-5 Loop Station to upload drum/backing loops. Since I like to improvise, I like using loops for backing tracks. Unfortunately there isn’t any support for plugins that upload audio loops on the Duo, so using an external looper like the RC-5 is needed.

The RC-5 has midi connectivity so I’m hoping there is a plug-in that will sync with it.

Hi @Skydiver,
Not really answering directly to your question, but giving you some glimpse of the future.
Currently indeed you can’t upload audio loops into the MOD platform, yet that feature is being implemented and will hopefully be available on one of the next firmware updates. Will that not turn the RC-5 unnecessary for you? :slight_smile:

Yes. When the mod can upload audio loops then it will make an external looper obsolete. But until then, this is the way to go.
I like to loop things along to the backing loops so I was hoping there is a plug-in that would sync to an external looper.

The ALO looper syncs to global BPM, so if you can get the RC-5 to be slave to the MOD duo midi clock that could work…


I’m just about to get it.
I’m hoping this will work. I will look at the manual to see how the midi is implemented and how it will work.

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