Tablets and MODs

What’s the current state of using an Android tablet with a MOD device to control the UI? When I get hold of my Dwarf, I’m thinking of getting a modestly powered 10" or so tablet that I can connect (hopefully?) with a USB cable for tweaking, etc? Anything I need to be aware of? Thanks

I’m using my phone to control the MOD via bluetooth.

It works pretty well, despite the inherently slow speed of the bluetooth link.

When version 1.10 is out, I will be able to use wifi instead which should make things way easier.

For my DUO I use a shield tablet with cyanogen mod. It works when I have to adjust effects on a pedalboard I already created on the pc. I wouldn’t use it to create a new pedalboard because for that it’s too slow and the handling kinda seems to be made for pc use or at least with a mouse. Could also be that it works better with a different browser (i tried firefox and duckduckgo) or the it’s the tablet. I also tried it with my fairphone 3 and there it seems to work a bit better but it’s just too small…