Talking about the Mod Duo in my guitar forum (in french)

Here’s the link :wink:,la-mod-duo-le-test,493377.html#11241686



Thank you for the kind and honest words, and definitely thank you for spreading the word about the MOD Duo!

We are currently working hard on improving the unboxing experience, so that users can more easily get started without being confused.

Merci bien :slight_smile:

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“de rien” ! It’s a pleasure :slight_smile:
Also, it’s true that the unboxing experience can be quite destabilizing (eventhough I had many effects, multi-effects, and softwares). This is the first time I have to connect to an IP adress in order to configure the pedalboard (but it’s fun - when the win10 drivers recognize the Mod Duo as an ethernet device) !
The Mod Duo is great already, and I know it will get better and better thanks to you (& your team). :smile_cat: