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TAP Dynamics is a versatile tool for changing the dynamic content of your tracks. Currently it supports 15 dynamics transfer functions, among which there are compressors, limiters, expanders and noise gates. However, the plugin itself supports arbitrary dynamics transfer functions, so you may add your own functions as well, without any actual programming. The plugin comes in two versions: Mono (M) and Stereo (St). This is needed because independent processing of two channels is not always desirable in the case of stereo material. The stereo version has an additional control to set the appropriate mode for stereo processing (you may still choose to process the two channels independently, although the same effect is achieved by using the mono version). source: http://tap-plugins.sourceforge.net/ladspa/dynamics.html

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Hi, I would like to understand what are the settings to make it work as a normal noise gate.


If you scroll down on the functions (inside the parameters view) you will find some gate functions.

Hope it helps

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