Temperature CSV Files?


Doing some SSH into the Dwarf, noticed that there are files in /data called temperature_001.csv from 1 to 11 or so. Not sure these are leftovers from the testing process of specific Dwarves (or is it Dwarfs for the MOD Dwarf?)?

Anyway, I guess they can be removed/cleaned-up automatically?


PS: Just updating to now (from v1.10.0.1899), but haven’t been able to SSH back in yet (Linux Laptop, rebooting to troubleshoot from clean…)


oh haha, you found something we forgot to disable, lol.

you can safely ignore them, they were used while we did temperature checks.
I will add a ticket for me to disable them.

EDIT: to be clear, these files are auto-generated, on each boot writes to a new file.
they are not there from factory deploys.


Yep, seemed like that. Small things - you know me, I’ll report everything :smiley: