Testimonials for our new website


Hello everyone

As some of you know, we’re on the process of finishing a brand new website.

In this new website we’re putting focus on the community that is blossoming and for this we need testimonials from existing users.

We’ve ran some surveys to collect feedback from the users and some of the answers to our questions were very good.

So what I would like to ask is, for those who would like to be featured in the website, to write a short testimonial that we can publish on the new website.

Ideally the testimonial is in the form of problem-solution, like “I used to carry 15 different stompboxes and now I need only to carry a single device that fits my backpack”

Another good format is the concern-relief, like “Before buying I was worried about the latency but as soon as I hooked it up I could not feel any latency related issue”

More important than anything is to be sincere. We’re against marketing BS and we work hard to make a product we are proud of. In this sense, we’d like the testimonials to be as sincere as possible.

When publishing we will need a picture and the location of the person also.

If you’d like to provide a testimonial but want to discuss it in private before we publish, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

Let’s show to the world how cool is the Duo and how cooler it can be as more and more people engage!!

Best wishes to all