The onyx - a Tube amp simulator -


Been away for a bit, recently synced my MOD and I’m super impressed with the Onyx and the Cream machine both! Different characteristics but both have a nice crunch! I whipped up a couple of test ‘direct to PA’ pedalboards:

PS Pardon the ‘chop and slop’ playing demos, that’s just how I roll…:roll_eyes:

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great playing and sound!

Glad you like the onyx :slight_smile:


Thanks for this great sim! One question…:

I am using the Onyx like a real tube amp without channel switching (ie a Fender silverface Deluxe or Twin etc…) so I am basically dialing in a bit of natural overdrive crunch and rolling off my volume on the guitar if I want to clean it up a bit and then using the Tube Screamer when I want more overdrive. The Onyx is basically in a steady state and not being used to create different amounts of overdrive so in a case like that is it OK and advisable to have it at the end of the effect chain like a real amplifier would be?

The Onyx can be placed wherever you like! That is the beauty of the MOD :slight_smile: Just like you mentioned, or with all the modulation effects past the Onyx. The latter is what I recommended when using lots of overdrive (reverbs and delays). The signal tends to get drowned otherwise in my opinion. But hey, that might be the sound you are after!

Horrible crackling noises on startup are stil there with current onyx version from store… Ad yes, with a single instance, too… I guess they linger for quite a while since I have a delay after the amp model… An easy fix would probably to ramp up the input/output after activation of the plugin…

I haven’t confirmed it yet, but my current understanding is that onyx produces a short burst of very high amplitude floating point values (much bigger than -1/1) at activation and then the delay faithfully reproduces them for a while. And since they are so high amplitude it takes a minute or two to die aways…

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Where do you download

I also really like this. just simple as an amp the last thing in the signal chain, I’m using it for bass guitar after the ALO looper

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Finally have some spare time at my hands and eagerly tried out the onyx. Great piece of software that does many things very well. Thanks a lot for your development efforts and for bringing it to the Mod DUO!

There is one very small thing I noticed though: other pedals are enlarged when you click on their non-interactive elements (i.e. the body of the pedal) and the onyx does it, too. Except for the large area above the the panel which would be the most obvious place to click. But yeah, totally minor…


Hi @eggsperde, thanks for the tip! Indeed it does not enlarge when clicking on the large area. I agree it would make sense to have the same enlarging behavior in that area as well. We are going to have a look at it.



No worries, @BramGiesen! I am happy to be on this wonderful endeavour with you guys…

Is the source for this plugin available? I’ve been compiling MOD plugins for use in Ardour on Raspberry Pi. Would love to make use of this plugin, too.

If no source, can I get the binary? Whatever works on the DUO should work on the Pi, too.

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Source code is not available yet, but since the plugins use fftw we have to publish sources.
The thing holding us back is the license of the artwork, but I am not sure what state that is on right now.


Any chance I could get you to provide the binary while we wait on the source?

The onyx does not contain any third party dependencies.

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