The Sonoj/Open Source Musician Podcast Lightning Tunestorm Challenge!

Greetings Musicians!

Since you are all interested in the MOD DUO, an open source effect platform, we thought you might find interest in this:

We challenge each and all of you to join in our musical “tunestorm” challenge on November 5th in collaboration with the Sonoj Convention. At the convention participants will be given an audio sample that must be incorporated into an original musical piece in 1 hour! We are offering this same challenge worldwide for participating remotely. The sample will also be posted online and a submission form made available during the same hour the challenge is issued at the convention. Highlights from the submissions will be played in the following episode of the Open Source Musician ( Naturally, with the theme of sonoj and OSMP we require that you use at least 1 piece of open source software in the production.

See for additional information.

Please spread the word and participate!